The city of Wells is located 4 miles from Glastonbury in the county of Somerset ad is sheltered be-neath the southern slopes of the Mendip hills. It is the smallest city in England and has one of its finest cathedrals at its heart so it won't surpise you to learn that Madmax Tours makes a point of passing through. The stunning west front of the cathedral has over 300 statues and carvings. Originally these statues would have been painted beautiful colours and decorated in gold.

The Wells which gave the city its name, are located in the grounds of the Bishops Palace. This is still the residence of the Bishop of Bath and wells. The main features of the bishops Palace include the 13th century undercroft, imposing staterooms and tranquil gardens, which are all surrounded by a moat. Also of interest is the street known as Vicars Close.

This claims to be the oldest complete medieval street in Europe. Wells also has a thriving market which takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Within the city of Wells is the world renowned Wells Cathedral school. This is a coeducational inde-pendent school with a strong emphasis on music and strong links with the cathedral. Many of the historical buildings around the Liberty are part of the school.

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