Cheddar Gorge

Madmax Tours take you to the super gorge which is found in the Southern part of the Mendip hills in Somerset. Its towering limestone cliffs reach to almost 500feet and it is the biggest limestone gorge in Britain. A stunning landscape that has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

On its steep grassy slopes can be found the traditional British sheep, who’s ancestors were here with the Celts. The gorge was formed during periglacial floods over a period of 1.2 million years. The force of the water also produced caves. There ae many caves which are home to the greater and lesser hor-shoe bats. Two large caves are open to the public. Goughs cave (discovered in 1903) and Cox’s cave (discovered in 1837). Both of these caves are named after the people who discovered them. There is evidence of occupation by hominids in Palaeolithic times.

Flint tools and human remains have been found. Cheddar Gorge has 350 officially graded climbing routes and is also a popular destination for walkers cavers and cyclists.

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