Avebury Stone Circles (World Heritage Site - WHS)

Avebury Stone Circles is a lesser known megalithic monument which is 16 times larger in area than Stonehenge and nearly 1000 years older! The lack of media attention at this site has helped to maintain its magical charm. There are no restrictions to prevent you from wondering freely amongst the stones here.

This is the ultimate location to try your hand at dowsing and try and discover for yourself the energy of the stones! Contained within a giant circular henge about 430 metres across, the site of Avebury rivals, and some would say surpasses Stonehenge for its sheer scale and impressiveness. The antiquarian John Aubrey certainly agreed and wrote in the mid 17th century - "it does as much exceed in greatness the so renowned Stonehenge as a cathedral doeth a parish church".

Avebury is certainly calmer and more accessible than Stonehenge as although the A361 road passes through the middle of village the whole area can be easily viewed on foot and the visitor is free to wander amongst the stones.

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